• Best Time: Team Glitz Blitz
  • Second Best Time: Team Rum Runners
  • Third Best Time: Team Mall Cops
  • Most Creative: Team Placing Our Betts with the Jones
  • Best Dressed: Team Alvarado
  • Most Spirited: Team Zygonauts from Scrotalia


Team Leader            Team Name                                        Team Color/Theme

Alvarado                           The Fun Hunters                                             Red/White Stripes  

Arledge                             Transitions                                                     Yellow / Black  

Barrett                               Finders Keepers                                              Sweatpants

Berta                                 KMART                                                              Beach Theme

Bertha                               The Fighting Mongooses                                Animal Print

Bordo                                Squirrel Patrol                                                  Tropical

Bradley                             Stealth                                                               Black

Bransfield                         The Sherlock Homies                                      Bandanas

Burns                                Fahrvergnugen                                                 Polka Dots  

Comonie                           Show me the Moni                                           Denim

Cross-Luciani                   Electric Hunters                                                Lighting Bolts

DiPaolo                             TMGeniuses                                                      Red

Duffy                                 Duffy Accessories                                            Shiny

Foley                                Jerry's Kids                                                        Orange

Fotta                                 The Man Mulcahey                                           Flannel

Haikes D.                          The No Mo's                                                      Pink

Haikes K.                          Mystery Inc.                                                       Question Marks

Hnat                                  Keystone Kids                                                   Primary Colors

Jones                                Placing the Betts with the Jones                     Light Blue

Kaspriskie                         Stealth Mode                                                    Camoflauge

Kearney                            Property of RoPoKo                                          Black / White Stripes

Kerrigan                            BFF's                                                                  Yellow

King                                   Boones Farmers                                               Plaid

Lare                                    The Dancing Donuts                                       Fruit

Lucas                                 Catchup                                                            Royal Blue

Madzin                               The Misfits                                                        Green

McNichols                          Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys                   Brown

Monroe                              Krypt Keepers                                                   Dark Green

Mowbray                            Expedition Unknown                                       Scarves/Sunglasses

Nasser                               The Honey Badgers                                         Purple

Nealon                               Yoda my Patronus is                                         Futuristic

Odonnell                            742                                                                    White  

O'Hara                                Electric City Slickers                                        Western

Palmeri                               Hollywood Upstairs Medical College             Scrubs

Perles                                 That's What She Said                                       Aqua

Piazza                                 Electric City Trophy Wives                              Trophy Wives

Quinn                                 The Migthy Quinns and Goul Friends            Patriotic and Yellow

Rizzo                                  Team Lost                                                         Paisley   

Romaine                             Brad's Best                                                       Vests

Ross                                   Phishy Friends                                                  Phishy Clothes

Saunders                           Fast Action Response Team                            Floral Print

Somers                               Chamonsters                                                    Fur / Shag    

Stang                                  The Clueless                                                    Fluorescent Pink/Green          

Stanton                               Treasure House                                               Neon

Stascavage                        Scranton Stranglers                                         Patriotic

Strowsky                            On The Road Again                                        Tye Dye

Sullivan                               Coal Town Founders                                       Vintage

Walsh                                 OPA                                                                   Suspenders 

Yushovitz                           The Scavenger Dolls                                       Dresses / Formal Wear

Zarcone                              Jenny and the Bets                                         Gnomes


BOLD = Veteran Team

ITALIC = Virgin Team