Welcome Hunters!  Here is everything you need to know in preparation for this amazing event.  If this doesn't answer all of your questions, please shoot us an email at  Hopefully we can get you squared away.


At least one smart phone (with texting, internet, and a camera).  A vehicle.  At least one team mate.  A general sense of Scranton.

Some items to bring with you that might become useful:
Sneakers, flashlight or lantern, simple calculator, pencil, eraser, notepad, magnifying glass.

Please be organized with your team and centrally located before 4:00pm.  The first clue will be distributed via text message to each Team Leader's cell phone at exactly 4:00 pm. Each Team Leader needs to register their smart phone with our texting platform.  To do so, text 'TheHunt16' to '40691' and follow the prompts.  If you are having trouble, please email us at  Thank you Posture Interactive ( for your generous support in helping make this event possible.

The first clue should lead you to the location of the next clue, which then leads to the next, and so on.  Sometimes the clue will be in the form of a physical "take-away", but not always.  It will be obvious when the clue is meant to be taken with you.  When it's a 'staged environment', please be sure to not disturb the scene for the next team.  The Pop Up Studio Team will be watching each Clue Site from a distance to monitor each Team's progress.  All clues sites will be marked with a colorful flag alerting you that you have arrived.  Each clue site will have a unique button pin at the site's flag.  Each team must take ONE button pin with them to the finish line as proof that each of the TEN sites was visited.  No cutting corners this year! 

Each team member is entitled to one Pop Up Studio hat.  The location will be revealed during the Hunt via text message.  Use strategy to determine when you head-out to find the hats.  It could inadvertently add unnecessary time to your game.

All clues will be strategically located within Scranton City Limits.  Should you find yourself heading outside of the City, you are headed in the wrong direction.  We double-checked this year - all clues are within the Scranton City Limits.  : )

Unfortunately, participating in The Hunt does not allow you to violate traffic laws. Please be safe while hunting.

Should you find yourself completely stuck, don't worry... help is really far away.  If you can't crack the clue, you and your entire Team will need to make a visit to [Home Base].  One additional Clue Hint will be given without a penalty, other than the time it took you to drive to [Home Base].  If you are still stuck,  you can request a Clue Answer, which comes with a 15 Minute Team Penalty.  

The Pop Up Studio Team will be available in-person to help you win.  Home Base is located with the furthest arch at Scranton's Iron Furnaces. 

The true winner will be the Team that arrives at the 'Final Clue' and signs-in with the best time (calculated after any Time Penalties).  All button pins must be present.  Teams will be recognized and rewarded for their effort at our celebration site- Platform Lounge at Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel.  We encourage you to hang out for a bit.  Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Entertainment and Scranton's birthday cake will be provided.   

No such thing.  Some additional prizes will be awarded based on effort.  Don't give up!

Teams are expected to finish around 7pm.  Team recognition will begin at the Platfrom Lounge in the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel once most teams have arrived.  Should you choose to throw in the towel along the way, feel free to join us at Traxx at any time.  If you decide to bow out all together, please email us at to let us know before we send out the search teams.  A mass text message will be sent to all Teams at 7pm announcing the official end.  

Each Team has been assigned a color or theme.  It is critical that you loudly adorn yourself so that The Pop Up Studio Team can identify you in the field.  Your performance is measured and will inform the prizes at the end.

This is a competitive event and everyone is trying to win, yet it is also a 'free' event.  While it goes without saying that every Team needs to be respectful, we know that the competitive nature of this event brings out the inner animal in all of you.  Please don't be a jerk to our volunteers, our supporters, or to the teams. It will jeopardize our ability to do this again next year. Any reported incidents of poor sportsmanship will result in Team Disqualification.

While this is a difficult event to photograph, we will do our best too capture some sweet action shots of each Team when we can.  We encourage you to do the same and share your photos with us.  We will happily add your pics and vids to our web archive, Facebook, and Instagram. #Hunt16 #Scranton150 #thepopupstudio