1  Text Message - Word Scramble - City Hall

2 City Hall Map - LHVA Trail Park at Nay Aug Avenue

3 LHVA Park Sidewalk Chalk - St. Ann's Basilica

4 St. Ann's Basilica Tape Measure - Capitol Records Manufacturing Plant

5 Capital Records Door Signage - Lackawanna Historical Society

6 Lackawanna Historical Society Quiz Show - Marine League Museum

7 Marine League Museum matchbox - former Scranton State School for the Deaf

8 SSSD sign language - The Commonwealth Medical College

9 TCMC Dr Silkman - Silkman House (River Corridor Associate HQ)

10 Silkman House - FINISH LINE: former E. Robinson & Sons Brewery site (Penn East Fed Credit Union)



1 Chamonsters - 5:46pm

2 Fahrvergnugen - 5:51pm

3 Duffy Accessories - 5:55pm

4 Coal Town Founders 5:55pm

5 Placing the Betts with the Jones 5:56pm

6 Boones Farmers 6:04pm

7 Fast Action Response Team (F.A.R.T.) 6:08pm

8 On the Road Again 6:27pm

9 Scranton Stranglers 6:30pm

10 Transitions 6:32pm

11 Keystone Kids 6:37pm

12 Clueless 6:39pm

13 Hanzilla 6:40pm

14 The Misfits 6:42pm

15 Jerry's Kids 6:43pm

16 The Honey Badgers 6:43pm

17 Thats What She Said 6:44pm

18 Show me the Moni 6:48pm

19 Mystery Inc. 6:48pm

20 The Sherlock Homies 6:48pm

21 Squirrel Patrol 6:51 pm

22 Electric City Slickers 6:53pm

23 Team 742 7:06pm

24 Electric Hunters 7:07pm

25 Finder Keepers 7:08pm

26 The Man Mulcahey 7:08pm

27 KMART 7:09pm

28 OPA 7:11pm

29 The Fun Hunters 7:15pm

30 LAST PLACE (to finish)  - BFF's


Largest Team - Crypt Keepers

Most Clue Hints Taken - TMGeniuses

Most Energetic Team - Treasure House

Dirtiest Team - Stealth

Best Looking Team -  Fast Action Response Team


SPECIAL THANKS:  Event Support and Sponsorship

Scranton Tomorrow

NADA & Co.

Posture Interactive

Lackawanna Historical Society

Marine League Museum

Chala Jan Photography

Northern Lights Espresso Bar

Leadership Lackawanna #Historic Scranton Project

The Radisson Station Hotel

The Woman's Junior League of Scranton

Lackawanna County Council on the Arts

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts